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The project EUROPE’S FRIENDS aims at attaining the strategic goals common to the 5 partner schools from Romania, Greece, Poland, Portugal and Turkey, namely:
 An educational system compatible with the EU norms by a reconsideration of the approach to the teaching act from the part of the teaching staff
 Reducing school dropout rates
 Ensuring equal opportunities to education for

The project’s major objective is represented by the development of students’ competence through a combination of formal and non-formal education.

Specific objectives proposed:

  • 70 students will develop their English language, sign language and IT communication skills
  • 70 students will develop their social, civic, intercultural skills necessary for an openness to life-long learning, in order to build up a personality capable to adapt itself to the requirements of the labor market
  • 55 teachers will develop their IT and English language skills needed in their teaching activity
  • 55 teachers will combine formal and non formal education in their teaching activity
  • 55 teachers will learn/ develop sign language


  • 2 transnational meetings in Portugal (2018) and Romania (2019)
  • 1 training IT Course for teachers “IT based teaching methods, key to school success”-Turkey, March 2018
  • 2 camps for students in: Poland ( “Traditional Handicrafts and the Art of Photography Camp“ – May 2018) and Greece ( “UNESCO Patrimony Camp” -May 2019)
  • International Conference EUROPE’S FRIENDS, in Romania, June 2019