Romania’s Guidebook

Romania’s Guidebook


  1. General facts             VIDEO                  
  • Type of goverment   VIDEO
  • Religion
  • Population and people VIDEO
  • Official language
  • Currency
  • Location in Europe. Map of yhe country
  • Capital of the country
  • Main cities
  1. Geography

2.1. Climate    VIDEO

2.2. Main Rivers    VIDEO

2.3. Flora and Fauna VIDEO flora                VIDEO fauna

2.4. Mountains    VIDEO

2.5. Lakes         VIDEO

2.6. Forests     VIDEO

2.7. The access to the sea          VIDEO

2.8. Borders with other countries           VIDEO

2.9. Top tourist attractions        VIDEO                       VIDEO


  1. Historic times

3.1. The most important rulers of the country   VIDEO   VIDEO

3.2. Who established the country. How was the country formed   VIDEO

3.3. The first  and the last ruler

3.4. Main wars  VIDEO


  1. Customs and traditions

4.1. Traditional dances     VIDEO

4.2. Traditional food         VIDEO

4.3. The most important celebrations     VIDEO

4.4. Traditional clothes    VIDEO

4.5. Titles of the national legends

4.6. Traditional houses    VIDEO

4.7. Traditional handicraft

4.8. Traditional games


  1. Art and architecture

5.1. Famous painters and sculptors      VIDEO

5.2. Traditional folk patterns VIDEO

5.3. The most famous buildings VIDEO

5.4. Styles in architecture VIDEO


  1. Sleeping


6.1. Hotels

6.2. Pensions

6.3. Hostels

6.4. Private Rosom

6.5. Short-term apartament rental

6.6. Camping

6.7. Reserving a room in your own language with pronunciation


  1. Practical information

7.1. Getting around

7.2. Flights and getting there ( Airports, Bus, Train )

7.3. Health & Insurance

7.4. Directory informations (Embassies, Emergency, Public holidays, Internet Access, Etiquette, Newspapers & Magazines)


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