“St. Mary” Special Vocational School for Hearing Impaired was founded in 1919.

Since 1976, the school has been housed in a new, modern building, rehabilitated  in the year 2011.

Our educational unit admits hearing-impaired children (boys and girls) with various degrees of hearing loss, from Bucharest and other counties, in semestrial boarding school system, to be schooled from preparatory grade to grades 8th or 12th.


. For children:

  • Specific auditory prosthetics
  • Collective prosthetics in FM system (digital hearing aids)
  • Specific therapy activities; Speech Therapy

*    Kindergarten

*    Preparatory grade

  Grades 1 to 8; Grades 9, 10

  Sheltered Workshop (mini Printing shop)

  Vocational classes-Field of Polygraphic techniques (Grades 9th-12th)

  School-based curriculum

Extra-mural and extracurricular activities

Workshops: glass painting; braiding of textile and vegetal yarns; jewelry/ ornaments; dolls/ puppets; clay modeling and pottery; The European Club; School festivals and shows

Educational programs and projects in partnership with mainstream education schools, other special schools in Bucharest and in the country and members of the local community

“Books – medicine for the soul”

“The light of knowledge, the path in life-LUCA VITA”

“Green spaces – a guarantee of life – GREEN SPA”

“Mens sana in corpore sano”

The National Strategy for Community Action – SNAC

“The Young Researcher”

International projects and partnerships: Comenius, Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus+: GIFTED (for) YOU (KA2), I-TALC ( KA2), Ready for the future (KA1), EUROPE’S FRIENDS (KA2), GO WORK (KA1-VET)

  1. For parents:

* Educational partnerships

* Joint activities

* Child – school – family counseling

* Training in sign language